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Oakton® pH Buffer Bottles have pH/temperature tables printed on the labels for accurate calibrations
• Manufactured under ISO 9000 quality guidelines and traceable to NIST standards
• If unopened, shelf life is 2 years; once opened, use pH 4 and pH 7 within 90 days, pH 10 within 30 days
• Store buffers away from direct sunlight.

• Color coded for quick visual reference:
– pH 4.01 buffer in red
– pH 7.00 buffer in yellow
– pH 10.01 buffer in blue

The most common “USA” pH calibration buffer values—in one convenient pack!

To obtain a Certificate of Analysis on each item within the pack, please visit each individual items’ page and enter the lot number in the space provided. For example, type part number 00654-00 into the search box at the top web page, then scroll down on the page to the CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS box, and enter the lot number in the space provided.


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