The Permitting Process

How to get your permit?
Guide to the Construction Permitting Process 2010

Permit application:
Washington State
Ecology Notice of Intent (NOI) Form
EPA Region 10

Changes to the permit:
Permit Fee Activity Status Change Form
Transfer of Coverage Form

Determining your monitoring requirements:
Stormwater Monitoring Guide

Guidelines if you are dealing with an impaired (303d) water body:
Total Maximum Daily Load(TMDLs) Explained
Searchable Impaired Waterways (303d List)
New Form for Discharge to an Impaired Water Body
Entire State List with details and map links selected for
Bacteria, Dissolved Oxygen, Fine Sediment, pH, Total Phosphorus, Turbidity:
303d Listings 2012
How to Choose a Laboratory

Filing your monitoring report?
WQWebDMR_Flyer– Explanation of Web Filing DMR Reports
How to Register for WQWebDMR
WQWebDMR User Guide
No internet access? File a:
Wavier from Electronic WebDMR filing form