Synopsys: If you are doing a project clearing more than one (1) acre you must apply directly to the EPA’s 2012 General Construction Permit (CGP) . Application can be made using EPA e-noi (electronic notice of intent stormwater application) Section 9.2 outline the overlay of the oversight between EPA & Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

Basic Requirement: EPA has permit & oversight on the project, DEC may have additional requirements for inspection and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Planning (SWPPP).

EPA Stormwater Requirements in the State of Idaho
EPA Construction General Permit (CGP) Section 9

9.7.1. IDR120000:

The State of Idaho, except those located on Indian country. Projects in the State of Idaho, except those located on Indian country, are not eligible for coverage under this permit. Contact EPA Region 10 for an individual permit application.